Terms and Conditions for Passengers to Adhere at Sea while Onboard

These Terms and Conditions have been formulated considering the Local Laws and Safety of the passengers (hereafter guests) on board. If rules are broken, the company reserves the right to pass on any fine to the guests if incurred due to non-compliance or disregard for the rules set out by the coastguard & enforced by your captain & crew.


CAPTAIN’S AUTHORITY The Captain has total authority over seamanship and the safe navigation of the yacht, its crew and passengers. The Captain has total authority over the safe use of all equipment onboard and may prohibit activities deemed to be unsafe. Compliance with safety instructions by the crew is mandatory. Failure to comply may result in removal from the vessel by staff or UAE Coast Guard



  1. The guests are required by law to have original ID (proof of visa), not a copy or picture. The captain will be collecting the IDs before leaving the berth.

  2. Guest must nominate a person as Head of the group prior to vessel leaving the berth, who will be authorized to coordinate all activities on board by consent of the captain and sign this document on their behalf.

  3. Movement on board should be carried out with extreme caution. Captain/Company will not be held responsible in case people hurt themselves for negligence or misconduct.

  4. For your safety, swimming more than three meters from the Vessel is not tolerated by the coast guard.

  5. Abuse of alcohol & subsequent reckless behavior may result in fines or termination of the charter without any possible refund.

  6. Parents/Guardians are responsible for the safety of their children/dependents.

  7. Prior entering water for swimming the consent of the captain is needed.

  8. Playing music is not allowed into the marina channel/canal as it’s prohibited due to its residential area, any fine will be the responsibility of the passengers in this regard.

  9. Guest must check his/her belongings prior leaving the yacht, captain/company will NOT be held responsible for any loss thereafter.

  10. ID of Head of the group will be returned ONLY after all the guests left the yacht and after the captain has performed a damage check.

  11. Any kind of loss/damage to the vessel caused by the guest has to be covered by the Head of the group. ID will be returned only after the payment for damage is received.

  12. Guests should leave the yacht at the time specified in their booking after their trip. The guests will be compelled to pay a minimum 30 minutes of yacht charter charge upon delay.

  13. ONLY the management of the company has the right to extend the timing of the booking at his own discretion in case there is a delay of departure due to guest’s fault. It might not be possible at all if there is a subsequent booking. Late guests are supposed to pay for the booked timing even if not used.

  14. This document is to be signed prior going to the sea.



  1. Smoking/Vaping is not permitted inside the yacht.

  2. Life jackets are to be worn when the coast guard deems necessary & issues a weather warning.

  3. Carrying out any kind of Narcotic on board is strictly prohibited.

  4. Head must inform the captain about Non-Swimmers and expecting mothers prior going to the sea.

  5. No guest is permitted to jump into the sea when the vessel is underway or moving or anytime the engine is ON.

  6. Throwing of any kind of garbage overboard is strictly prohibited and susceptible to fine by authorities.

  7. Jumping to another boat is strictly not allowed. If the client will not follow, the trip will be immediately cancelled and will go back to site.